British Books Challenge ’17


So, it’s always been my intention (if not actually realized as much as I’d have liked recently) to use this blog as an outlet for my Special Interests, one of these being books (and literature). This interest has been rejuvenated since I’ve become a bookseller and discovered one of the best perks of working in the book trade – free reading copies and proofs. I’ve been reading a heck of a lot more for fun recently, and sometimes devouring a couple of books a week, simply because I can get hold of such a range of new exciting publications! It’s a pleasure to talk about and review these books too (I’ve been more active on Goodreads lately, simply because I’m reading more) and I’m really looking forward to posting more about books on here.

I came across the British Book Challenge through Twitter and am excited to say I’m going to be taking part – the aim is to review one book by a British author (no holds barred on genre) every month. You can read more about entering (there are prizes from publishers and the like!) and the ‘rules’ here.

I’m not entirely fixed on what books I’m going to read, although I’ve got some definites. But here’s a potential broad outline and a few ideas of what I’m going to read – I am, of course, always open to recommendations!
I’m going to be focussing on women’s writing and other points of diversity, especially disability (there’ll be at least one autism book). My reading will also most likely be influenced by what I receive/stumble across as reading copies of books that are due to be published.
(I’ll edit this post as I choose/review books)

January: Butterfly Fish – Irenosen Okojie
February: Addlands – Tom Bullough
March: A Smell of Burning – Colin Grant

Anyway, like I’ve said, I’m super excited to take part in this year’s challenge, and I look forward to chatting more about books on here soon!

Have a lovely festive season!


2 thoughts on “British Books Challenge ’17

  1. This soudns like such a great challenge. I don’t know exactly how to find out whether a book was written by a British author before reading it though, as I’m not from the UK. I do recommend and will likely read Consumed by Abbie Rushton. It’s a young adult novel. I read Unspeakable last year and loved it.


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